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gr8research chemicals

Always perfect! Fast delivery and good potent, interesting chemicals for research purposes! Jus t ordered again,hopefull y it will arrive tomorrow in my mailbox :) thumbs up,for this vendor! Never dissappointing ! Thanks a lot for it and keep on going please!

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jet 15:12:13 06-20-2018
Best supplier out there!

Hello all, I regularly order substances for research. All chemicals are very high grade and were measured out perfectly. The promised effects and purity were spot on and, where needed, colouring was added to distinguish the products (pellets that share a common form factor, for example, since they can easily fall out of their bags). All bags were labelled with the content's name (used on the web and the website), its chemical formula, the quantity (of course in the appropriate unit), a hazardousness warning _including_! the appropriate hazard symbols, so everyone should and will be safe. They are easy to open and close and can be filed into your cabinet for convenient safekeeping! The packages itself were rather unremarkable: well-protected envelopes containing. Customer support is outstanding Both the live chat and email support are fast, reliable, knowledgeable. They help you find info and solve possible problems straight away, going above and beyond.

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petergl 15:05:33 06-20-2018
EU order untracked

My 5 blotters order arrived in exactly one week. The package could be protected better from the sunlight, but it is good enough. The site support is quick and helpful. Over all satisfied.

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14:02:57 06-20-2018

Auch wenn der Shop etwas teurer erscheint wie andere Shops, so gleichen die Vorteile das mehr als aus.Jede Sendung kam an, Da ich das Geld überweise, was beim letzten Mal an einem Samstag abend war, so war ich erstaunt, dass die Sendung bereits am Mittwoch hier ankam. Die Qualität der Ware ist einwandfrei und ich betone: Lieber ein wenig mehr Geld ausgeben als etwas bestellen, bezahlen und nier erhalten. Sch ulnote ist die 1+

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13:47:34 06-20-2018

your service of orders is very good , i zm very pleased to order at your company.

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tab 08:42:02 06-20-2018

Helpful and friendly staff. Great support.

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Cyrill Luzern 23:39:46 06-18-2018
Very Good

Friendly and fast support with quick and safe delivery of products to your mailbox. Awes ome GR8 !

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Lab AM 01:35:59 06-18-2018
Whatcha want more ?

Order arrived in like 2-3 days. Products look good. Maybe you could have put the pellets in an extra bag but otherwise perfect ! Also talked once to the support and got answers real quick. Best RC Site. Will come back

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ThePharmacist 33014 Bad Driburg 11:01:16 06-14-2018
Service impeccable pas d’arnaque

Heureuse d’avoir enfin trouvé un shop sérieux. Livraison excrément rapide. Produ it top. Merci


Happy to have finally found a serious shop. Fast excrement delivery. Produ it top. Thank you
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La vie Paris 01:32:29 06-14-2018
Serious service

Reliable. Fast delivery. Good quality.

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Ed 15:03:40 06-13-2018