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very good order

So I made a new order of MPA following the quality of a premiere. Always good, order on Saturday, arrival in france 5 days after !! Really excellent Oth erwise, I would like to settle by Bitcoin, it is clearly better. Not so obvious !! Apparently, at least buy 100 euros by credit card and I hesitate ... in short I would see it

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spiral blois 17:58:38 04-27-2017

rapidité de reception, 4cmc de qualité, toujours aussi satisfait par GR8!!! merci à toute l'équipe


Testimonial: Fast reception, 4cmc quality, always also satisfied by GR8 !!! thanks to the whole team
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djé talence 10:22:23 04-24-2017
rapidité de reception de ma commande et de sa qualité.

j'ai vraiment été surpris par la rapidité de la réception de ma commande !!! Faites un vendredi en fin d’après midi et malgrés we et jour férié lundi,j'ai reçu mon colis le jeudi...6 jours, organisation au top ! le produit commandé pour mes travaux de recherches me semble parfait ! pour moi, c'était une première de faire un achat ici et surement pas la dernière du coup !!


Testimonial: I was really surprised by the speed of reception of my order !!! Make a Friday in the late afternoon and malg us and holiday Monday, I received my parcel on Thursday ... 6 days, organization to the top! The product ordered for my research work seems perfect! For me, it was a first to make a purchase here and surely not the last time !!
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sébastien tours 14:00:25 04-20-2017
very good benzo

your 8mg flubromas are absolutely top quality. very anxiolytic effect and better as all known regular benzos i know from doc :-) ( only flunitrazep. maybe) shipping took a while because a mistake was made shipping and billing addy wherent tha same ... but it has been fixed... good support 4/5stars product 5/5 greets s.w

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s.w munich 17:46:00 04-14-2017
top quality

well receive, in 6 days, 3mmc top quality!!! îll re-order really soon. thanks a lot GR8!!!!

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Jé talence 18:49:56 04-10-2017

Orded now twice, and will be making another order again today :P... Products have been at top notch quality. The Clonazolams are one's not to be missed if your looking for a good release of that burden we call anxiety... As for the Flubromazepam, feels like you've found heaven! Overall great company, excellent customer service - very accommodating and are quick to resolve any issues (THAT's IF THERE IS ANY lol). 10/10 products quality 10/10 delivery 10/1 0 customer service Thi s will be my permanent vendor, Thank you Gr8 team, highest respects and keep up the great work.

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Toby Piegut 10:28:52 04-08-2017
Great Ethyl-Hexedrone

Shipping took an unusual amount of time (ten days?), thought it got lost. Quality is nearly outstanding, far superior than with most other EU vendors: no color, no odor, very rough appearance (positive point) unlike many homogeneously fine crushed powders on the market.

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Cy Berlin 21:57:26 03-30-2017