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ALD 52, 1P LSD, AL LAD, 2 CB Fly

Great Shop with very fast delivery. See you again.

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Dennis Göttingen 14:15:52 02-21-2018
Great products, great customer service

Subject says it all. Products of the highest quality, reliable and fast delivery - and when you ask a question the customer service is actually very responsive (fast and accurate)

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Fiedel Amsterdam 17:07:26 02-20-2018

the staff is amazing I can say that is real pure NEP ,thank you very much "gr8reserchche micals'' abou t one week it took the shipping to ES,and the stalth is not bad but I 've seen and better

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Puto Amo BCN 12:39:43 02-18-2018
Big thumbs Up!

Absolutely great Support which cares for its customers

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Dawid Babut 12:23:13 02-15-2018

Man, this website is Legit! Ordered with bitcoin last wendesday, got it yesterday by post ( if you choose tracked be sure to be home) or you will get it the next day... anyway awesome support, live chat or mail to the boss) kind of disapointed though about the weight, i orderdered 5g of ethhyl-hexedro ne, i got 4.1g but it can be my machine too, i know you guys use to send more when you underweight it, but dont, just offer me the same service everytime i reach you! Thanks again will recommand!

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Arnaud France 17:38:52 02-14-2018
Bon produit Haze chronique menthol

Bon produit,emball age impeccable,env oi certes cher mais bien suivi et recommandé,rie n à redire!


Good product, impeccable pack age, env oi certainly expensive but well followed and recommended, laughs no fault!
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taisao 14:55:27 02-13-2018

I bought benzodiazepine s for several times now and the service is the best i have ever seen.

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Ben 09:37:30 02-13-2018

hi the 3mmc is very very good quality for a good night into th stars

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loic paris 01:08:23 02-09-2018

Bitcoin service is reaaly effective with your blockchain wallet thanks GR8

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Arnaud Sallanches 10:48:56 02-06-2018
Overpayed amount

I overpayed my last order and asked support how we can compensate it (20€ to much with amazon debit cards). So I contacted the manager, and he is the best!! Sends me 2gr of 5f-ADB for compensating. I love this shop & u can fully trust them. Please stay alive my favourite shop

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Momo Karlsruhe 15:44:45 02-05-2018