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Order arrived in like 2-3 days. Products look good. Maybe you could have put the pellets in an extra bag but otherwise perfect ! Also talked once to the support and got answers real quick. Best RC Site. Will come back

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ThePharmacist 33014 Bad Driburg 11:01:16 06-14-2018
Service impeccable pas d’arnaque

Heureuse d’avoir enfin trouvé un shop sérieux. Livraison excrément rapide. Produ it top. Merci


Happy to have finally found a serious shop. Fast excrement delivery. Produ it top. Thank you
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La vie Paris 01:32:29 06-14-2018
Serious service

Reliable. Fast delivery. Good quality.

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Ed 15:03:40 06-13-2018
Customer Service

Helpful and friendly staff. Great support.

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20:52:43 06-12-2018
Formidable service client

Vraiment très bon vendeur très sympathique nous avons échangé 16 mails en tout depuis ce matin 8h30 à 20h tout ça afin de m'aider pour commander ils sont vraiment à l'écoute pas comme certains vendeurs qui n'envoie rien et qui ne répondent pas. Stay cool Friends...


Really very good seller very friendly we have exchanged 16 mails in all since this morning 8:30 to 20h all this to help me to order they are really listening not like some sellers who do not send anything and do not respond. Stay cool Friends .
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19:53:29 06-12-2018

Pour ma première commande je n'ai jamais reçu mon envoi. Faites attention aux postiers sans scrupules... J'espère quand même maintenant recevoir mes commandes, j'ai donc opté par un envoi en suivi. En tout cas, site très sérieux puisque mes amis n'ont jamais eu de problèmes.


For my first order I never received my shipment. Pay attention to unscrupulous postmen ... I still hope to receive my orders, so I opted for a shipment tracking. In any case, very serious site since my friends have never had problems.
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01:48:51 06-11-2018

A ma dernière, commande je n'ai jamais rien, reçu. Mais je me suis, bien renseigné sur gr8, ils, figurent parmis les plus de confiance sur le net. Je pense pouvoir faire confiance cette fois ci.


At my last order, I have never received anything. But I am, well informed on gr8, they are among the most trusted on the net. I think I can trust this time.
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01:30:28 06-11-2018
Best of the best

Awesome site!! Best price, quality and time delivery, the support response qFuickly and the work always is better than you can imagine! ++++

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Marios Verviers 20:55:14 06-05-2018
Gr8 shop Gr8 staff

I highly recomment to order your material here. Very competent and friendly customer Service. Great results in the lab. Overall superb experience. Thanks to everyone.

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16:07:54 06-05-2018
i love meilleur site europeeen qualite rapidite

its the BEST

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fr france 18:10:24 06-03-2018