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Branded Powders

We have put together a great range of well known branded research chemicals that combine all the popular chemicals commonly used throughout the RC world.

Green Beans research chemical pellets contain the active ingredients - 5-MAPB and Caffeine...
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From the producer of Banshee Dust, Mitsubishi is a prepackaged proprietary blend capsule that's relatively new to the research market. To date, we know very little about this product other than early testing that indicates it's an extremely strong entactogen-stimulant that was developed for experien..
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Salvia Divinorum Leaves
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Salvia Divinorum, also known as Diviner's Sage, Ska Mara Pastora, Seer's Sage, and by its genus name Salvia, is a psychoactive plant which can induce dissociative effects and is a potent producer of "visions" and other hallucinatory experiences. Its native habitat is within cloud f..
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