Research chemicals (RC) are experimental chemicals that are implicitly sold for use in medical and scientific research. Common medical laboratories, contract research organizations and scientists use these experimental chemicals for determining therapeutic value, toxicology testing and others scientific experiments. There are a wide range of compounds that come under the term “research chemicals.” Check out the main categories of research chemicals below:

  1. Stimulants:  These are research chemicals with stimulating effects. Stimulants speed bodily functions, increase energy level and alertness and work in many other ways. Some of the most important groups of stimulants within this group of research chemicals include amphetamines, cathinones, 4-FA, ethylphenidate, phenylalkyl-pyrrolidines and pentedrone.
  2. Psychedelics: Psychedelic RCs alter cognition and perception by agonising serotonin receptor. Some of the most popular representatives of the RC psychedelics are Ergolines, NBOMe series, amphetamines, 4'- and 5'-substituted tryptamines.
  3. Cannabinoids: Cannabinoids are synthetic drugs that produce effects such as physical relaxation and increased appetite. Examples of cannabinoids that fall under RC category include JWH-122, UR-144 and AM-2201.
  4. Dissociatives: Dissociatives cover a large chemical base. They are pharmacologically categorized NMDA receptor antagonist. Popular drugs from the group of dissociatives are ketamine, DXM, PCP, nitrous and diphenidine.
  5. Sedatives: Sedatives are chemical compounds that induce sedation by reducing irritability or excitement. They are widely used for medical purposes. Examples of common sedatives are metonitazene, Ah-7921, MPPP, 3-methyfenatanyl and others.

Since research chemicals are specifically designed and marketed for pharmaceutical research and legitimate purposes (not for human or veterinary use), their distribution does not contravene the Analogue Act. You can easily buy pure quality research chemicals at online stores at low cost. If you're thinking how to buy research chemicals online, then no need to worry! Buy any category of research chemical mentioned above and more from trusted online retailer, without any hassle.