As a European commerce trader, we are duty bound to pay VAT, and also charge VAT, when you buy research chemicals.

The European Union has discussed introducing a flat rate VAT scheme, across all it’s member states. This has not happened, and as such, we must pay VAT according to the shipping address country’s, VAT rate, once we exceed exports of a certain value. In order to comply with the EU VAT laws, we have, until now, shown prices inclusive of VAT, and calculated the VAT payable, off-site. We are no longer allowed to use the system, and have today, 31st January 2020, introduced a pricing system that shows the individual VAT rates, based as follows:

  • Show a standard VAT rate of 21%, based on our business location VAT rate
  • Where we have exceeded a country’s VAT threshold, show that country’s VAT rate

This is standard practice, as we are sure you are aware. So once you arrive at our checkout page, if you are not logged in to your account, you will see the standard VAT rate of 21%. Once you have logged in, your shipping address will be registered, and the VAT rate will change to show your local VAT rate, IF we are duty bound to charge VAT at that rate. If we have not exceeded the threshold of your shipping country, your will see our standard VAT rate of 21%.

If you have any questions about this information, please contact us via Live Chat, where you can seek clarification, but please be aware...we are a genuine commerce company, and fully registered. We pay taxes, and abide by the law. There is NO alternative to paying VAT on your reserach chemicals.


Your details remain confidential, as always...